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I’m running to represent you in District 8B because Duluthians can no longer afford to have the

same old thinking about government creating new programs and handouts that unfortunately don’t get funded by wishful thinking. They get funded by your tax dollars!


With your support, I will work tirelessly to keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket, fight to keep our neighborhoods safe by vehemently supporting our police instead of “reimagining” them, support energy and natural resource policies that keeps pipelines and mining open in Minnesota, and take effective steps for job creation.


Please read more about my positions and background in on these pages, then on November 8th, please vote to put a Hall in the House!


An Advocate for Common Sense

Meet Becky

Becky Hall is a former economic development representative for the MN Department of Trade and Economic Development and a graduate of Leadership Duluth. Becky served on the boards of the Duluth Figure Skating Club, YMCA Camp Du Nord and the Lake Superior Medical Society Alliance. She was president of the Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Okinawa when Pat was stationed there. She’s also a longtime member of the London Road Transportation Advisory Committee.

Becky and husband, Pat, have lived in Duluth’s First District since 2002. They have five kids, ages 20-29.

Key Issues



The drastic rise in crime and drugs throughout our state has taxed police and first responders beyond their capacity. They need our support and solutions to these issues that go beyond boots on the ground - including solutions that are legislative, healthcare related, and community specific.


One of Minnesota's greatest resources remains plagued by government red-tape, hindering not just the mining industry, but all those who depend on it. The mining and energy industries can be run safer in the U.S., creating more opportunity for Americans and energy and mineral independence for our country.


How much extra do you have in your family budget to send to the state, once you’re done paying higher prices for gas and groceries, once you’ve seen how far your retirement savings have shrunk, and once you’ve gasped over your latest property tax statement? It’s time for common-sense changes.


State government doesn’t create good-paying jobs, but government can definitely pave the way for job creation with easier permitting, lower business taxes and energy costs, and less interference.

Minnesota Needs

New Leadership

We talk about runaway government spending but never do anything about it. Well, let’s start now. Yes, let’s help Duluthians live better lives. But if we’re adding government programs to do so, let’s see where we can cut other parts of state government so we can afford them.


And let’s not just break even on the cuts, either. Let’s find other fat in the state budget (it won’t be hard to do) so that our individual taxes will go down.


It truly is time for a change, When I represent you in St. Paul, I will constantly remind elected officials that government needs to do only what its citizens can afford. That’s you and me.


I would appreciate your vote on November 8th. Thank you!

Becky Hall

The Voice the Northland Needs.