Key Issues

Public Safety

The drastic rise in crime and drugs throughout our state has taxed police and first responders beyond their capacity. They need our support and solutions to these issues that go beyond boots on the ground – including solutions that are legislative, healthcare related, and community specific.

Duluth, the wonderful city in which my husband and I raised our five kids, has unfortunately 

deteriorated in terms of safety. If elected I’ll advocate for more police on the streets, here and across Minnesota, because the bad guys are happy every time someone mentions reimagining or defunding the police. I also will also support properly equipping our courageous law enforcement professionals to shield them from harm. 

Energy & Mining

Once of Minnesota’s greatest resources remains plagued by government red-tape, hindering not just the mining industry, but all those who depend on it. The mining and energy industries can be run safer in the U.S., creating more opportunity for Americans and energy and mineral independence for our country.

I cherish clean air and water as much as the next person. But I also know there’s only so much
we can accomplish with unreliable energy options. I support safe and responsible mining of all kinds in Minnesota, as well as pipeline expansions that are more environmentally friendly than transporting fuel across Minnesota’s roadways.


How much extra do you have in your family budget to send to the state, once you’re done paying higher prices for gas and groceries, once you’ve seen how far your retirement savings have shrunk, and once you’ve gasped over your latest property tax statement? It’s time for common-sense changes.



State government doesn’t create good-paying jobs, but government can definitely pave the way for job creation with easier permitting, lower business taxes and energy costs, and less interference.  

As a former economic development representative for what was then called the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development, I worked often with the State Legislature. I know what we can do for job creation if we put our collective minds to it